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Remember the game you used to play when you were little where someone drew a head on a piece of paper, folded it and handed it to the next person, who drew the shoulders, and so on until you had a picture of a man that looked kind of funny but very interesting? This is that game, only with fanfiction instead.

redorchids and lariopefic got talking one day and figured that this would be a cool thing to do. So they started writing and then invited some other cool Potterverse writers to join. The goal of the challenge is to get fanfiction entries to cover all major (and some minor, why not?) body parts and create a picture of a man made out of all different characters, styles and preferences.

Rules are as follows:

1) Each entry should be the length of a page only (or approximately 600 words).
2) Each entry must focus on a specific body part.
3) The character focused on must be from the Harry Potter fandom and must be male.
4) The character doing the observing can be of either sex (can also be e.g. a magical creature/portrait/animal/something else in the HP fandom).
5) All genres, styles and ratings are eligible for posting. The goal is to gather different kinds of entries, showing off different kinds of styles and writers. The exceptions are as follows: this community will not at any time accept entries that depict non-consensual sex acts, bestiality, or the physical or sexual abuse of minors.
6) Mods reserve the right to refuse any entry, or to request that the poster include any warnings deemed necessary.

Due to the highly visual nature of the project, we prefer that you stick with writing about body parts that can be seen without an autopsy. If your entry--for example, about a character's brain--has a strong enough visual/descriptive component, however, we will consider posting it. If you're unsure about whether an idea you have will work or not, contact us and we'll take a look at it.

Entries will be posted until we run out of body parts or inspiration. Think this sounds fun and feel like joining? Send a message to redorchids or dracfic and we'll see what we can do.

Other than that, just sit back and enjoy! :-)
(Original post: 12/15/2008 by redorchids; re-posted as sticky by dracfic [aka dracontia] with additional links, 09/11/2013)

If you are interested in contributing, you may view the updated list of claimed body parts Here.


Subject row: [BODY PART] - [observing character] -> [observed character] - [gen/het/slash] (rating)
Example: HAIR - Sirius Black -> Harry Potter - slash (PG)

In the entry include the following information:

Repeat of information in subject row
Author (use code for lj user, example: redorchids --place the words & symbols as follows: lj user="yourusername" within <>)

A standard disclaimer at the beginning of your entry, before the lj-cut.

lj-cut with the actual text behind it

link to the overview post: http://community.livejournal.com/pictureofaman/523.html

Updated Directory of Entries

Please link to this post rather than the earlier directory at the end of each entry, as this is the most up-to-date version of the directory.


Hair by redorchids (Sirius Black -> Harry (James) Potter, slash, PG)
Ears by fannyt (Luna Lovegood -> Ron Weasley, het, G)
Eyes by redorchids (Harry Potter -> Draco Malfoy, slash, PG)
Mouth by dracfic (Harry Potter <-> Draco Malfoy, slash, G)
Facial Hair by lucy_s_malfoy (Gellert Grindelwald <-> Albus Dumbledore, slash, PG)
Neck by fannyt (Dean Thomas -> Harry Potter, gen, PG)
Heart by dari_67 (Hermione Granger -> Severus Snape, het, PG)
Arms by fannyt (Severus Snape -> Remus Lupin, gen/slash, PG)
Left thumb by dracfic (Lucius Malfoy -> Voldemort, gen, G)
Right hand by dracfic (Albus Severus Potter -> Harry Potter, gen, G)
Spine by redorchids (Severus Snape -> Remus Lupin, slash, NC-17)
Stomach by dracfic (Draco Malfoy -> Scorpius Malfoy, gen, G)
Hips by tinytexans (Regulus Black -> Severus Snape, slash, R)
Pubic hair by sunnythirty3 (Hermione Granger -> Severus Snape, het, PG)
Backside by dracfic (Severus Snape -> Sirius Black, gen, PG-13)
Feet by fannyt (Harry Potter -> Ron Weasley, slash, PG)
Feet by dari_67 (Nymphadora Tonks -> Remus Lupin, het, PG)
Toes by eoforyth (Luna Lovegood -> Filius Flitwick, gen, G)

Any body part not mentioned by name here--from nipples to knees, nose hair to navel, including non-alliterative bits of anatomy--is currently up for grabs. If you feel inspired, by all means, apply to join the community. You may post your beta-read and posting-ready entry as soon as your membership is approved. Het, gen, and slash entries are all welcome. (See Master Post for details.)

Regrettably, we appear to have lost our Nose owing to an LJ user departing the venue. (Given that it was Snape's nose, it was a great loss, indeed.)

FACIAL HAIR - Gellert Grindelwald <-> Albus Dumbledore - slash - (PG)
Author lucy_s_malfoy
Disclaimer  Characters and locations belong to JoRo - I'm just borrowing them.
Community overview post here: http://community.livejournal.com/pictureofaman/523.html

Read more...Collapse )
Toes – Luna Lovegood -> Filius Flitwick – gen (G)

Author eoforyth

Disclaimer: All rights to characters and settings JK Rowling and her Assigns. None of it belongs to me except this odd idea, which I make nothing from.

Community overview post here: http://community.livejournal.com/pictureofaman/523.html

Read moreCollapse )


Title: The Way to a Man’s Heart
Author dracfic (dracontia)
Pairing: Draco Malfoy --> Scorpius Malfoy
Category: Gen
Rating: G

Read more...Collapse )

Link to overview.

PoaM Milestone--Our own TPP Category

You heard correctly, friends--thanks to notsosaintly, the Picture of a Man community now has its own category at The Petulant Poetess!

If you have posted a story to this comm, we encourage you to cross-post to TPP under our category (find us under 'Categories: LJ Communities) so that this project gets more exposure within the fandom!


Title: Feet
Author: dari_67</lj> 
Pairing: Nymphadora Tonks Luipin--> Remus Lupin
Category: Het
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine, damn it.


FeetCollapse )
overviewCollapse )</a></div>
Title: Hips
Author: tinytexans
Pairing: Regulus Black --> Severus Snape
Category: Slash
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Shyeah.

Snape Showers AloneCollapse )

Overview Post

Title: Heart
Pairing: Hermione Granger -> Severus Snape
Category: Het
Rating: PG
Disclaimer:  I neither own them nor make money from them.


Severus' HeartCollapse )


Link to overviewCollapse )

Membership and Claims Update

Welcome to all of our newest members! We hope you’re enjoying the entries so far, and if you are interested in contributing, you may view the updated list of claimed body parts Here. I believe that I now have the settings correct, so if you are a member, you should be able to put your post in the queue for approval.

Any part of the body not listed in that post should be assumed fair game. Subdivide as much or as little as you like. An entry about legs is as welcome as one focused on knees—or about just one ankle.

As always, you are welcome to write about a body part that has already been claimed; if you do so, please consider choosing a different wizard than the one featured in the existing post for that part as your subject. We would love to include as many characters as possible. ^_^